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Rahway, New Jersey
Side note: helping stranded kittens found in potholes with one eye half-hanging out and all gangrene like.

I like ridiculous movies; i like singing in the shower; i like to play dress up in old prom gowns; i like to eat sushi and watch old movies; i like to read obscure novellas; i like to sleep on the train; i like to dance like a maniac; i like to make freinds with service people; i like to shop at thrift stores; my favorite combo icecream is strawberry chocolate banana; i like to be noticed without being embarrassed; i love my family and i love my friends like family; i wish i were more successful; i don't hesitate to ask questions; i like to make funny noises and do cartwheels in inappropriate places; in essence i'm a freak and i love it

luv u :*